Friday, 26 August 2016

Premature Arrival (26 Aug '16)

My waters broke at 2.30AM on August 26th....Yep in bed...OF ALL PLACES!  It was a bit of a shock. I was just 34 weeks, and I was already booked in for a c-section on the 9/9/16.  I shouted to wake Gav up, hopped out of bed, then waddled into the shower to rinse off my legs. Grabbed a clean pair of underwear, and my hospital bag and off we went. 

On the journey to the hospital we were so calm. I had a few tinges, but nothing too strong,  Of course I didn't want to pay to park, so we parked up on the road outside and made our way in. The hubby snap chatted a photo of me to his mates, saying "even in labour, she'll prefer to walk!" 

The hospital was so peaceful. I was popped into triage and had 2 monitors placed on my tummy. Getting 2 heartbeats is tough! Then like a massive wave the contractions hit me ...WHAM BAM! The midwife didn't seem too concerned at the beginning, but soon my contractions were only 5 minutes apart. She swiftly took us to a private room, within 30 minutes my contractions were lasting 30 seconds, and I'd have 90 seconds break before they started again.  

I was asking for them to check how dilated i was, but they said a consultant would need to review me first as I was early, and they could cause an infection if I wasn't actually in labour. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don't generally leak gallons of fluid, and have the sensation that I'm being kicked in the back by a horse! Of course all the consultants were in theatre!

They wanted me to lay still on the bed so they could monitor the babies heart rates. I couldn't lay on my back... I wanted to walk around. Then they offered me gas and air. OH MY GOODNESS...That just made me feel sick, as well as having the back pain. Gavin was asked to pop on some scrubs. His trousers were so tight. I was in SO much pain, but that did make me chuckle!

After throwing an almighty diva fit, stripping off naked, they brought a consultant down to see me. She was very calmly asking me questions ....I had no idea what she was going on about. All I could think is.... GET THESE THINGS OUT OF ME NOW! She managed to get a cannula in my hand, and said we could head to theatre. I walked myself. A gown covering my front, but my arse hanging out at the back. I then had to go through another 5 contractions before they were ready to put the epidural in. I remember the aenethetist saying I must keep really still. My legs were swinging over the side the operating theatre, as I couldn't reach the stool. The pain of each was making my shake intensely, and I was shivering. I had to go through one more contraction, and give them the all clear to go ahead. Within seconds I felt normal again. They laid me down, and Gav sat down next to me.

Our boys were delivered safely into the world by 7.08/7.10AM. 

They whisked them off quickly to intensive care, and I told Gavin to go with them. It was an odd numb feeling. They had been with me every day for 34 weeks, and now gone. Not so much as a look at them. Gavin had taken a photo to show me, but that was it. 
There wasn't any space for me on recovery, so I was taken back to the labour ward. My mum was there waiting. Gavin returned shortly, frantically asking for nappies etc. He'd said someone had confused him for a doctor in his scrubs! 
After a few hours I started to get the sensation back in my legs (They put an strange machine round them to wake them up a bit). They shuffled me into a wheelchair, and took me into neonatal. Harry was in the HDU, after having breathing difficulties. Ollie was in intensive care (the room opposite). I could hardly see them. They were in an incubator, and I was so low in the wheelchair. They looked so fragile! I can't say I instantly felt like a mum. Was that wrong? Then the midwife suggested I help them by expressing milk that they could syringe to them. I had no desire to breastfeed before, but when you see your babies suffering I guess your heart takes over.